Sunday, September 30, 2007

Practice versus Self-Expression

At the end of every month, I set art goals for myself for the following month. In doing so, I always struggle with spending time on practice versus spending time on creativity and self-expression. By practice, I mean working through art instruction books, going to classes, and participating in WetCanvas activities such as the Weekly Drawing Thread and the Scavenger Hunts. I have a fair amount of self-discipline, so I typically attain my practice goals. Sometimes I devote so much time to practice, however, that I don't have the time or energy for creative self-expression, which is the whole point of art, I think.

In October, I am going to try to spend 50% of my art time on practice and 50% on creativity and self-expression.

How do others balance practice and creative self-expression?


studio lolo said...

I think any time you spend on self-expression IS spending time practicing as well. To me, the most important thing to keeping my art fresh is to draw as often as possible. I think good drawing is key to good art in my opinion.I don't draw enough lately because my priorities get lost sometimes.
The only time you can get away without good drawing skills is in a landscape or seascape...sometimes. But if you learn to see, and I mean really see, then everything will come together....skills, composition, everything.
I like this painting by the way. And I like your blue lady! (And of course, I like your name!)

Laurel Neustadter said...

Thanks for the comment, Laurel.

ancient artist said...

Practice new skills, learn how you work with your materials, but then cut the cord. It's so easy to think that we have to learn just one more thing before we can create art. Are is about your personal expression, where you are in your world, what you experience and what you want to communicate. These things are your passion: don't lose that beneath the weight of all the other voices telling you how to paint.