Saturday, December 22, 2007

Distorted Farm

This is my solution to Exercise 17 in Bert Dodson's Keys to Drawing with Imagination. To create this drawing, I used a distortion grid to distort a photograph of a farm in Vernon, New York. I used 2B pencil on Strathmore 400 Series Drawing medium paper (9" x 12").

Here is the original photograph.

I scanned the photo, printed it, and drew a reference grid on top of it. I labeled the horizontal axis and vertical axis.

I then created a distortion grid. The distortion grid can be anything you want, as long as the number of squares are the same as the reference grid. (I omitted the top few rows of the reference grid).

I put the the distortion grid under my drawing paper on a light table and copied the reference grid square-by-square, distorting each square as dictated by the distortion grid.

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gabi campanario said...

i like this a lot, how creative! thanks for sharing the process