Monday, January 21, 2008

Illustration Friday - Plain

According to my Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, Plain People are members of any of various Protestant groups (as Mennonites) esp. in the U.S. who wear distinctively plain clothes and adhere to a simple and traditional style of life excluding many conveniences of modern technology (as motorcars)

This pastel painting of an Amish woman is based on a painting I did last summer while visiting my parents in Vernon, New York. The subject is an Amish woman figurine. You can see the original painting here.


studio lolo said...

I love the muted colors and the way you have her to the right. Really nice.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

She plainly looks like she is in thought, love the painterly style

Michelle Henninger said...

I like the subtlety of this illustration.

(I like the interpretation too - I also drew the Amish.)

Jeanette said...

Very restful drawing.