Monday, March 24, 2008

EDM #163 - Draw a Deck of Cards

I focused my efforts on the beautiful patterns made by the fanning cards.

I don't play cards anymore. When I was growing up, my parents enjoyed playing pitch. I grew up in rural upstate New York, where my mother was a member of a card club. Once a month, ladies of the club would get dressed up, get together, and play pitch. The ladies took turns hosting. I remember my mother preparing and serving the food when she was hostess: chips, dips (sour cream with dried onion soup added, a homemade shrimp dip), and little wieners in a sweet and sour sauce. Drinks were whisky sours and rum and coke. The ladies sometimes played for pocket change. I remember some of the ladies' names: Lottie Janowski, Dot Mower, and Caroline Wilzak. In my present life, I don't know anyone with cool names like Lottie or Dot.

As a teenager and young adult, I played pitch with my parents. I enjoyed it ... it is just that I don't know anyone now who likes to play cards.

My son Christopher wants to learn to play Go Fish. I have no idea how to play ... guess I can google the rules.

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