Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jars. I need Jars.

This coming Saturday is my last oil painting class, class 6 of 6. The teacher is excellent and I have learned a lot. I love oil painting and plan to start doing small paintings on my own.

Oil painting requires a lot of jars. You need jars for mixing medium (to thin paint), jars for storing small quantities of medium while painting, and jars for storing dirty medium before disposal.

The class has been quite demanding. I am exhausted by the end of each 3 hour class.

The teacher brings in a number of objects, draperies, and table coverings each week.

The first week, the teacher discussed composition and we each made our own composition using a selection of these items.

The 2nd week we drew the composition on our canvases.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th weeks we painted. We are all sharing the same objects, so we need to frequently switch the positions of the objects. The rule is when we paint an object, we must paint the nearby objects and drapery, because the color of one influences the colors of neighbors. One stroke on an object, one stroke on a neighbor. The teacher stresses that we must learn to see nuances of colors. She says we should never put the same color on our canvas twice ... every color should be different. Wow.

The next class will be glazing.

As I go about my day now, I look for nuances of color ... I see blues in wooden fences, reds in green trees (This is Dallas ... the trees are still green), and so on. It is fun.

I have two open questions I hope to get answered at class this week:

  1. How do I dispose of turpentine (a hazardous material)?
  2. How do I keep my medium clean longer? My medium is dirty after 5 minutes of painting.

Once I have the answers, I can start painting away at home!

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