Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reassembling a Square

Another design problem from the book Design: Principles and Problems by Zelanski and Fisher. Here I cut up a small square of black construction paper and organized it on an 8" x 10" piece of white paper in such a way that the square can still be identified.


Monica said...

What cool idea! I love the way you placed the cut square on the page and all the design possibilities you can get by just cutting up a shape. The black against the white works really well too, love that contrast. This is a great exercise!
BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog, much, much appreciated. :-)

Ellis Nadler said...

Hey, great idea. Somewhat Matisse-like result. Thanks for the kind comment re: Metamorphoses

Laurel Neustadter said...

Thanks, Monica and Ellis. I did have Matisse in mind when I was creating these.